BEST PRIVATE TOURS is a Tour company which specializes in Upscale Customized Vacations, Private tours and shore excursions.

The company was founded by Luca Renzini, an Italian tour manager who has been working in the tourism industry since 1995. Luca, born in Italy and resident of Spain has an educational background in literature and history and is a certified professional who, over the past 15 years, has amassed experience in organizing and leading memorable trips.

Working many years as tour manager all over Europe allowed Luca to work with the most talented experts including guides, drivers and transportation companies. Luca also has knowledge of the many hotels, restaurants, wineries, tourism bureaus, museums and other attractions available in Europe.

Whether you are seeking a trip with 4 or 5 stars accomodations or one where you stay at a farmhouse, Luca and his staff can put together the vacation of your dreams.

Because of Luca's wide base of knowledge and his contacts in the cities large and small, Best Private Tours offers an almost unlimited selection of services and options.

"Traveling is not easy", says Luca," it is an art, a skill, a gift not everyone has been given, it is easy to go to a place just to say "I have been there", but it is not easy to go to a place and do the right thing in a short time. We work closely with our clients to make sure they see whatever is right for them; Our tours are not "one size fits all". Rather BEST PRIVATE TOURS prides itself on unique, personalized experiences.

BEST PRIVATE TOURS can give you what you always dreamt of, an amazing full immersion in the culture, tradition, art, history and cuisine of a world that has so much to share with you.

                                                   Contact: bestprivatetours@gmail.com

                               Best Private Tours- Comunidad de Madrid-CICMA N. 2652

                                                          Tel. +34 644 227 137 (Spain)

                                                          Tel. +39 339 40 34 096 (Italy)

                                                   Tel. +1 (917) 475 4657 (USA and Canada)

                                            (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time)