Your trip takes you to two of Tuscany’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You’ll travel the old Chianti road to the medieval splendor of Siena. With your driver, you’ll have access to visit the most important sites of the city on your own. Siena, considered the quintessential medieval city, is famous for its Piazza del Campo, home of the famous Palio horse race.

This square sits at the juncture of the three hills upon which the city is built. It is considered one of the greatest medieval squares in Europe. Here are found the Palazzo del Popolo, Mangia Tower and Gaia Fountain. Wander along the ancient streets, in this city noted for its Gothic architecture, for surprising and delightful views and arrive at the impressive Romanesque-Gothic Duomo of Siena, one of Italy’s greatest cathedrals.

You will decide whether to have your lunch break in Siena or San Gimignano. Your driver will be happy to give you a recommendation for an excellent restaurant.


From Siena you’ll drive through the famous Tuscan countryside with its cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves to the town of San Gimignano. The town is sometimes called the “Manhattan of Tuscany” for the 13 towers defining its skyline, built by titled and affluent residents to show their wealth and power.

The town has largely retained its feudal atmosphere and appearance. After arriving with your driver, you’ll explore on your own, finding the town both charming and fascinating for its fortifications and fortress, beautiful church of La Collegiata, winding streets and lovely squares. You’ll also have time to enjoy the shops for which the town is noted.

You’ll enjoy your private tour in our comfortable air conditioned vehicles with the services of an English-speaking driver entirely at your disposal for the duration of your visit.  Please click the link below to fully understand the driver’s service.

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-Comfortable air conditioned vehicle for the duration of the tour. (10 hrs)
-English-speaking driver at your disposal for the entire tour, leave and return to the vehicle as often as you like.

-Admissions to churches, museums and other attractions.


COST: (total not per person)

1-3 persons- 575,00 Euros

4-6 persons- 595,00 Euros

7-8 persons- 635,00 Euros

Over 8 persons-
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